Cracow – cultural capital of Poland with numerous historical sites, museums and universities. It is the second city in Poland in terms of area and inhabitants’ number.

Approximately 13 million tourists visit the city each year. It was among few Polish cities that were not destroyed in wars, which contributes to its unique atmosphere.

Cracow’s numerous historical heritage sites call for a few-day stay. The city can be explored in many ways.

See our must see list of historical sites and tours below:

Wawel Hill

The Royal Cathedral ↔ The Royal crypts ↔ The Sigismund Bell ↔ The Royal Castle ↔ The Armoury ↔ The Treasury ↔ The Lost Wawel ↔ The Dragon’s Den

The Old Town

The Royal Way ↔ The Church of St.Peter and Paul ↔ The St.Andrew Church ↔ The Franciscanian Church ↔ The Palac of John Paul II and the Pope’s window ↔ The Main Market Square ↔ The Cloth Hall ↔ The Town Hall Tower ↔ The St.Adalbert Church ↔ St.Mary’s Church with the finest gothic altar in Europe ↔ The Florian Gate ↔ The City Walls ↔ The Barbican ↔ The Słowacki Theatre.

Rynek Underground – Following the traces of European identity of Cracow.

Jagiellonian University district – Collegium Maius ↔ Collegium Novum ↔ St.Anna’s Church.


The District of Kazimierz is the historical Jewish part of Krakow. Its old streets and places are full of interesting Jewish architecture.

Kazimierz offers a lot of art cafes, gallerys and restaurants in a typical jewish style. All synagogues survived the war and they are open for visitors.

The Jewish Quarter:

The Old Synagogue ↔ The Poper Synagogue ↔ The Izaak Synagogue ↔ The High Synagogue ↔ The Tempel Synagogue ↔ The Remuh Synagogue ↔ The Jewish cemetery


Ghetto heroes square <-> Schindler's Factory <-> Pankiewicz pharmacy <-> Ghetto walls <-> Bernatka footbridge

Today, the Cracow district, once a city founded by Austrians, contains secrets from World War II. We invite lovers of this subject to this region.


Nowa Huta

Communist city <-> Central square <-> Shelters

This and many other places of this type can be shown in the youngest district of Cracow. The spirit of socialist realism still hovers over this place. Visiting Nowa Huta with us "we will move" in this special time for Poland.


Other Cracow attractions

Cracow offers numerous attractions, which can help you to relax after exhausting sightseeing trip or enable you to spend your time actively.

We organize the following activities on request:

The Vistula river cruises from 1 hour to 3 hours; a relaxing trip with the unusual views on Wawel Hill, Kazimierz, Bielany, Tyniec.

The Mounds – beautifully located in Wolski forest, with trails to Kościuszko and Piłsudski mounds.

Botanical Garden – located in the old river bed, rich exposition of tropical flora, palm house.

Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiments – educational park teaching optics, physics, acoustics and mechanics.